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Easy Guide to Custom Digital Print Fabric at Faboholic

"If life gives Lemon, not everyone wants to make a Lemonade, some may want to lick it drop by drop, some may want to spice it up, some may even want to use it to clean a stain with it."

Everyone is getting bored of the mass produced designs and is always in search of something unique, something that they can associate themselves with, something that they dream or desire of. For most of us these designs are hidden within, and they never find a way to come take a live form. The journey of every designer, the dream come true is to see what they have created in a live form, to touch it, feel it, own it, flaunt and for some it is also to watch other people enjoy their work, own it as something precious as something of their own.

To enable these dreams to come true for our designer friends, we at Faboholic have taken a small step in the journey of design printing. We still may have miles to go but its been a very fascinating and delightful journey so far. All we want now is for you to provide us an opportunity of help you achieve your designer dreams. To make it simple for you let us explain you how you too can be a part of our journey.

Step 1: Become an exclusive Faboholic member

Currently, we are offering an exclusive Faboholic membership at heavily discounted price. By choosing this membership, you get access to share with us a number of times your designs (max. 20 per month) and get them printed on fabrics of your choice. We also guide you, in case our in-house designers/printing master finds any issues with your print request. We also provide FABCOP (Faboholic Contact Person) at each customer level service in case of bulk orders (above 100 meters), to help you customize your order.

Please note, we will only publish your designs on Faboholic website/social media platforms post your approval for the same and will share royalty in case your designs fetch us printing orders on publishing on our various platforms. All royalties are settled on a monthly basis, you can also choose your royalty amount to get your designs printed (on post end of month) by confirming us via email, we will issue you coupons or gift cards of the same amount within 24 hours of receiving you email confirmation.

Step 2: Share your design or Choose your design on fabric options

Currently, we provide you a variety of fabrics options which are optimal for digital printing to choose at affordable price. A few samples are listed below:

Scenario1: For our exclusive members

For our exclusive members, we offer discounted prices in case of bulk orders. For bulk orders, we also provide you sampling services.

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